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Console ports vs. PC crashes vs. Cash in pocket

Posted by madwolf555 on September 24, 2016 at 3:35 PM

Seeing console ports of games isn't anything new, I remember back in the 90s when Doom was advertised in Sega Visions and Nintendo Power magazines and just like the arguments of Sega vs. Nintendo and PlayStation vs. Xbox, we get the PC vs. console guys that 9/10 times say the PC version is better.

Yeah... Normally I do PC stuff just for mod content however lately I've been having really big trouble getting things working on my PC. For starters, games I bought off Steam: They used to work a few months back, now crash. Most of the time I don't get nothing like Clive Barker's Jericho, but every now and again with games like Realms of Ancient War and I get the error code 0xc000007b (which no one bothers helping with on the Steam forums and on the Internet you just get usually tech support BS, "reinstall game. install this, that, this, this, that, and this." Followed by no reply when that crap doesn't work. Lately I've been trying to get some old games running on my PC (Omikron, Throne of Darkness, and Slave Zero) and can you guess what? They don't even start up! So it looks like I'll either have to rebuy games through a digital service like Steam (although hopefully one that fixes bugs and makes sure games WORK... like GoG) or buying the so called watered down console ports. Furthermore, my Windows 10 laptop doesn't seem to be able to play ANYTHING that utilizes Quake III's engine! No Alice, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Jedi Outcast, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Nope, they all crash at the startup!

Now, not all ports are all THAT bad. Doom on SNES is okay, love the PlayStation version's music, Oni on PS2 has better controls (plus you don't have to download stuff just to get it to work), PlayStation Diablo and PS2 Quake 3 aren't too bad, N64 Command & Conquer, Quake II, and StarCraft are more than decent, Skyrim misses all the fan made content but it's STILL epically Skyrim... But what upsets me is when games don't even bother working on PC. All the purists will tell you "download this" or "you're not doing it right" but why can't we just go back to insert the damn disk, start it up, "hey it works!" I realize software piracy is a big thing but when you buy a game and you have to fidget with it or have to buy an older machine just to get it working? It makes the personal computer not a personal computer and more like a slave to corporate bill counting overlords. Especially when certain games like Vampire: The Masquerade and Throne of Darkness DON'T HAVE console ports, so it's like you HAVE to have an older Windows PC that crashes a lot to play several games.

I was really really looking forward to trying Slave Zero and Omikron for the first time on my last day off work before having to jump back into it but it looks like I now have to buy the Dreamcast versions which I've been told from various sources they are inferior to the PC versions... THEY ACTUALLY STARTUP DON'T THEY?!  But oh wait, now I don't have money thanks to bills and lack of supporters on Patreon. So I'm gonna have to wait a couple weeks before I can afford anything. As for PC gaming... Crashing sucks, and don't even get me started on the so-called graphic options in Crysis 2. I just wanna play a good game, but now I wanna...

No MORE wasting time and downloading countless megs of patches and DLLs just to play a game!

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