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Dreamcasts and New Handgun

Posted by madwolf555 on November 2, 2015 at 10:25 PM

Topic #1: Sega Dreamcasts

Did you own one of these back in the day? I swear, I did not know ANYBODY who owned one of these babies when they were out and who could blame us? A lot of people had PlayStations or N64s and the games being released didn't seem much better than was being offered for the competition systems. We didn't really see anything phenomenal (Short of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2) coming for this system. Personally, I remember Seaman and Space Channel 5 getting advertised alot and ha ha... No, they looked terrible just like the overly simply spiral logo.

But recently I was doing a little digging and discovered a whole sleaugh of games that the DC offered that seemed to get overlooked such as Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, Carrier, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Dead or Alive 2, more, and if these were advertised more than Seaman (God, I can't take that the least bit seriously. How did they think a smart mouth gigapet that mates disgustingly and thows poo at you would be appealing?!) maybe the Dreamcast would've survived longer than it's 3 year lifespan.

But even as I speak, it turns out small time developers are making great arcade games such as Sturmwind and Neo XYX and releasing them for retail prices for the dead console... Now, I know $60 is a LOT for a system that died back 2001 but these are not multinational companies but just a small groups of people making something action packed, challenging, yet fun. I recommend you guys YouTube "Lord Karnage Neo XYX" or "Sturmwind" to see what I'm talking about. I'm impressed and wished the companies made stuff like this back during the days of Sega vs. Nintendo.

Topic #2: Our new handgun

The Beretta 92FS,civilian version of the M9 from what I understand. My fiance, Nicole (AKA ArktikVixen) had me pick it up today (We bought it a while back but had to wait for the background check and paperwork, that jazz) and although I haven't fired this particular one yet (Raining lately and already sick to do much outside), we'll try to get some vid shooting this one before year's end. I will try and get some sprites made for game modders out there though, maybe this weekend? ;)

I have fired the M9 before when I was in Navy boot camp. It was a very similar handgun, light, and easy to shoot. Yeah so... Not sure if gun shooting is your thing, just throwing in my 2 cents... Take my ranting for what it's worth: Just 2 cents. :D lol

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