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Go go, Power Rangers! You gave Bryan Cranston more character than Godzilla did...

To start, I've not seen ANY Power Rangers shows or direct to video movies or ANYTHING since I was like, 6 or 7. I took my wife to see this movie and well, let's start with the story. This guy, Jason, star player for a High School football team decides to prank his school... Not sure why, movie never gets into it, just one of those "because we can" things I guess. Anyways, cops bust him trying to flee from the scene and he WRECKS his dad's truck as well as his knee.He lands in detention and meets a kid named Billy who's getting picked on and stands up for the little guy, making Billy a new friend and a way outta his house arrest predicament. But Billy wants to explore this scene at a gold mine, something his late father was working on. They hook up with some other kids, blow a hole in a cliff, find some coins and MORE HEAT chasing them. They get in an accident trying to escape but they all wake in their beds with no memory how they got there, just that they're strong. "Crazy strong." The kids decide to go back and find a spaceship with an insane robot with the personality of Clap Trap from Borderlands who introduces them to Zordon (The former leader of the Power Rangers, now trapped inside the ship's computer matrix) and tries to explain their destiny to the adolescents...

"This is crazy, right?"
"Yeah, bro. Totally crazy."
"I am CL4P..."
-Alpha 5
"Awww crazy crap, this crazy day just gets crazily worse..."
-Handsome Jack

They train but can't morph... Which pisses Zordon off (despite how much shit he throws at these kids) and he pushes harder and harder. The kids decide enough is enough and try to take the fight to Rita, a green armored ex-Ranger bent on taking over the world...

"Hey, in this era of Disney and Marvel being all the rage, these one tracked villain minds don't seem too cheesy anymore..."
-Mad Wolf

Needless to say, doesn't go well. The teens go back to Zordon, they FINALLY get to morph and decide to kick ass. That's pretty much the whole movie. My thoughts? Wellllllllllllllllll...

Even back in the 90s I really don't recall much of an origin story to the Power Rangers or Rita, this movie did a good job telling one. Second, for a movie based on a silly TV show involving fighting, superpowers, aliens, and giant Battletech-like robots in all their explosive glory, holy crap did they do a good job modernizing this and giving the movie and actors a ton of character. Sure, some of the characters acted like brats (Looking at you, Jason and Kimberly) they all felt real, had legit problems and stuff that they wanted to achieve or move on from... And they DO! Now the original show had a lot of silly stuff cheesy and has modernized this was with mature character concepts, they knew to throw in a lot of one liners, some shaky no budget camera shaking scenes, bullies getting what they deserve, and a bit of a running gag involving Krispy Kreme doughnuts (not gonna spoil it). They had some bad special effects here and there but they had some great ones too. It's hard to really hate the movie especially when it's based on something so silly and stupidly fun.

"Sounds like he liked it, guys!"
-Jason, the red Ranger
"Screw that, he called us 'stupidly fun'! "
-Zack, the black Ranger

Overall, I enjoyed it and I'm glad I saw it in theaters. Felt like a good superhero movie to me. Not the best movie out there but it was good. I give Power Rangers 4 out of 5 morphing power coin... Things. Now if only someone can bring back the epic 90s explosive awesomeness that was the Mega Man anime... And don't make it like Battle Network, those games DISGRACE the name of Mega Man. Better yet, they should finally get on making that Mega Man X animated series, Mega Man with attitude, baby!!!


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