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Kinda what you get when you take Dynasty Warriors and merge it with Viking: Battle For Asgard and Assassin's Creed...

You guys know I don't really do the online multiplayer scene (too expensive and I don't have the greatest internet service) so why'd I be interested in this game? Well, the concept of Knights vs. Vikings. vs. Samurai is pretty cool and frankly, I don't think there's enough good Viking games out there. So I bought this and sure enough, you need to be online just to do anything in this game even if it's playing the single player story campaign... Yay, one of THOSE deals... So I created a account on waited for my slow ass internet to load servers and played through the campaign in a day. It was pretty good and fun, has some issues and I'm gonna get into that...

"Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor! RAAAAGH!"

First episode gets into a Warden seeing the trouble with his own order of Knights and joins the Blackstone Legion... A group who have questionable morals and seem to wanna flood the land with blood. The Warden finally leaves the order after being part of an assault of a Viking village of merchants and peasants. He says to his former comrades that they all swore an oath to uphold peace and justice, not slaughter innocents just to weed out the weak. Enter episode II: the Vikings. You start off playing a Raider battling her own people after assholes bully their way to the top and have the weak supply them with food and gold, the raider has issue with those pushing their own people around and pushes back. But after a raid on a Blackstone Legion dock, it is discovered the Samurai from overseas have lots of food and treasure. So they raid them and take all they can. The Samurai episode begins with you playing an Orochi and being busted out of a cell by your Daimyo as the Vikings are plundering the town. The Samurai discover Apollyon, leader of the Blackstone Legion, played the Vikings like a violin, orchestrated the raid, and planned the soon-to-be full scale war. The group you follow decide to move in quick before Apollyon's dreams of war and bloodletting comes to full fruition. Great setup except the ending, where Apollyon says in her final words "I just wanted everyone to realize what they are: Wolves." No! No no! This is the bitch that starved innocents, praised the bullies and thugs, had NO control of herself! Don't try to pull a Hideo Kojima and give this villain a "I'm a good and rational human being." Cut her head off, stick it on a spike, burn her body and piss on the ashes. Even the battle with her, she has no honor or respect as she's one of those "I'm gonna throw troops at you and run away. I'm gonna attack you from higher elevation. I don't believe in fair fights."

"I say, noble Samurai: You are my enemy and I hateth you. But you possess more honor and skill than the arch-bitch, Apollyon."

Aside from the ending of story, my only real gripe is the shortness of the game. You can beat single-player mode in a day and yes, the majority of gameplay is meant as multiplayer BUT I really think this game could've been better with additional factions. What if the game had Aztecs or Mayans as well as Egyptians or Persians. Hell, even the Spartans (as much as I hate the movie, 300) would've been a cool addition to see battle out with the rest! The game had some minor glitches (I dueled a man who wlaked through the stone wall on a bridge and a cinematic involved a Samurai bleeding a pool of blood that seemed to float atop a vent rather then spill inside) but nothing gamebreaking. Am upset you HAVE to login online just to play the single player mode though. But I'll take it for what is right now and give it 3 out of 5 ancient warriors of extreme badassity. It was a good time, happy with my purchase. Could've used more good stuff but could be a lot worse too.


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