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But does it have the Vanilla Ice T-1000?


This game is total blast blast to the 80s and early 90s. The plot revolves a post nuclear apocalyptic future, the Lee brothers driving what appear to be a red corvette only to be pit maneuvered by a Mad Max spiked up vehicle and thus, the brawling can be begin. When you get the leader of these Renegades (which look like they come right outta Fallout 4) you see this fighting is just a distraction and once again, Billy's girlfriend, Marion, is punched in the stomach and hauled off by some bad dudes in a screen almost ripped directly from the original Double Dragon on NES. Go, Double Dragons! Save the damsel in distress who dresses like a whore and was once killed but kinda brought back in Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones which apparently didn't hhappen happen in the Japanese version of the game as the plot was totally different or something...


"Hey, bro. Are you sure your girl's not a zombie?"
-Jimmy Lee
"Er... Of course not! Don't... Don't go asking stupid questions."
-Billy Lee


Gameplay-wise, the graphics look very similar to Double Dragon II: The Revenge. Although there's some moves from DD3 (namely hair grabbing and head bashing when the enemy is kicked in the stomach) a LOT is missing from Double Dragon III which is a bit of a shame as that game you could run, jumpkcik off walls, switch playable characters on the fly and equip their specialized weapons (the Lee brothers had nunchukus). This game has a lot of moves and a lot of the cheap enemy tricks like classic Double Dragon such as ducking, throwing weapons you can't use, or most annoyingly, able to jumpkick you when you're a pixel or 2 beneath them and somehow can't hit them. You get 3 lives and a whopping total of 5 continues that respawn you then and there, no needing to redo the whole level (unlike the old Double Dragon NES games where you'd be lucky IF you wound up haveing a continue). Some new features (besides some badass moves and chaining combos) is a music which doesn't always fit the 8bit feel of the game, and now there are times you have to fight 3-6 enemies at once! What the Hell?! In classic Double Dragon on NES I remember having to fight 2 at a time MAX!!! Then there's the platforming, oh God, the WORST thing in classic Double Dragon games was timing your jumps in the platforming sections...


"You jumped too late, zombie dater!"
-Jimmy Lee
"I'm gonna beat you to death!"
-Billy Lee
"No... You're gonna fall to your death as this is your last life and I'll go save your girlfriend... AGAIN!!!"
-Jimmy Lee


This game gets 4 out of 5 Dragon warriors... What, surprised I gave this that much but RE7 had a low score? Here's the thing, Double Dragon is a hard as balls side scrolling brawler. Everything criticized (minues the music and enemy count) is true to old school Double Dragon, everything about this feels like Double Dragon and not some rival game like Streets of Rage or Golden Axe with totally new characters, completely new enemies, new settings, and very little to connect it to previous games. This feels like Double Dragon through and through and I take it with the good as well as what's bad. Plus, it's only $7 on PSN and is totally more than worth it in my opinion.




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