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Is it a reboot, a sequel, just another jump scare game? What exactly is going on here?!?!

So the game begins with your wife sending a video saying she loves you and will soon be with you, then another video hinting bad things along with the words "stay away." So you do what's natural in horror games, books, and movies; you don't listen and you try to find her. Apparently she's been missing for 3 years and no one's investigated this (short of B-rated Ghost Hunter knockoffs) and you find a broken down van, dead horse with... Stuff Missing... A gate made from horse legs... Yeah, I think you should've brought a shotgun or knife or something because the whole place seems like it shouldn't have trespassers let alone trespassers without so much as a pocket knife! When you get in the house you find a bunch of icky stuff like a fridge stuck shut and a pot containing clam looking grossness. When you come to your wife, she's got a bit of a split personality thing going on, takes an axe to the neck, only to come back and chop your hand off with a chainsaw... Yeah, that's supposed to happen...

"Hey Jack... Don't mean to burst your bubble, but I just had my hand lobbed off by chainsaw wielding psycho wife, okay? Getting punched in the face isn't that scary."
-Mad Wolf

Shortly afterwards I have my had stapled back on, no joke... At this point, the game lost it's scary effect on me. You see, up until now the game relied on jump scares, but Mia slowly creeping up with a chainsaw, the atmosphere, and mystery was pretty good. When you see the main anatagonists (The Baker family) I pretty much figured what the game was gonna throw at me. The mystery and story is intriguing for me to keep trying but damn, these Baker assholes are just annoying villains and I really don't care what tragedy befell them, I just hate them. And when you wake up to dinner, the game really starts to emulate a Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Evil Dead sort of thing. They even take the time to make a "groovy" comment when picking up a particular chainsaw (which is actually kinda funny as you're character replies "no, NOT groovy"), even your wife is named Mia just like the possessed girl in the Evil Dead remake.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, that's why you lobbed my hand off in a not so gory chainsaw mess... Then again, I seem to be doing alright: I'm not bleeding to death and I still seem to be able to focus enough to shoot your ass with a .45 cal pistol!"
-Mad Wolf

It's really hard for me to bash this game as it has an interesting mystery and goes back to it's adventuring roots, some of the monsters are cool too as they remind me of Regenerators from RE4. But the atmosphere, despite being very well put together, is just a mildew and moldy mess of grossness. Dolls and mannequins, ooooooooooooh scary... Like I haven't seen them before in The Evil Within, Condemned and Silent Hill. The backwards crazy hillbillies are even been there and done that, not in Resident Evil but other horror media. Though I hear it's much scarier in VR, I really shouldn't have to rely on an accessory to fully enjoy a game.

Is this a bad game? No. It's got an interesting plot and mystery though playing it on a TV it seems to lose it's scary quick, then again that depends on who's playing it and I never was terrified playing the classic Resident Evils. Sure, certain things are there like keys that open areas, the shotgun puzzle, combining herbs, but from what I've seen and heard the RE lore doesn't come out until MUCH later in the game and even then it's like "Really? Now?" If they took these little things out, it could've been it's own game outside of Resident Evil.

"Any idea who this Ethan guy is?"
"No, let's waste him. Might be another spawn of Wesker, seeing as he's faceless and all."

This review had gone on and revealed enough. In short, this game feels like RE at times, other times falls short as just another jump scare game. Even the Bakers and the moldy atmosphere of the game, it doesn't scare me or creep me out, just kinda get gross to the point I wanna disinfect everything with one of those first aid bottles. Finally, shame on them for branding this "Resident Evil" when there's very little RE in the game, had it not been for that, I probably would've given this game a 3 but NO! I'm given it 2 out of 5 zombie wannabes. It seems like they were trying to do a lot of ideas of what RE4 was originally gonna be but too much other stuff got thrown in and the game suffers from an identity crisis as a result. A shame as this game would've been great as it's own thing!


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