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Well if I love the first RoboCop game, RoboCop 2's gotta be an improvement, right?

I'm gonna begin by saying this game is hard as balls and not just because it's from the classic Nintendo era of gaming when most good games were challenging or expected you to play on a tougher difficulty to get to the final levels. No, this game has specific parameters you are required to meet per level including bad guys to shoot and vials of drugs to collect. Now, that wouldn't be much of a problem except in this side scroller shooter you can't backtrack to areas you walked from! Several plays on the first level are too much, I can't figure how to get every little thing that the game tells me I need to get. I'm RoboCop! Just waste the bad guys, smash the drugs, get chopped into bits, be brainwashed into a loveable and huggable plush toy by a deranged psychologist, electrocute myself to make the bad programming go away, and critically injure the cult leader, Cain, to stop him from making more drugs, thus making him into a super robo-monster thanks to that deranged scientist only to have RoboCop commit an MK fatality against the super criminal. Simple premise for an action game and nope, they decided to make this way too damn complicated...

"Get used to that background, boys and girls... You're gonna see it a lot."
-Mad Wolf

The graphics are another issue. Yes, I realize the NES is very primitive with it's 8-bit graphics and I gotta give them credit for what they can pull off but damn this game looks like a freaking cartoon! Then there's the controls, RoboCop feels like he's got go go gadget rollerblades for feet as he's got Hella momentum and doesn't seem at all like the bipedal tank he essentially is in the movies! Robo is supposed to be slow, stiff, and give cool sounds when he movies, not act like he's training to race against Sonic The Hedgehog! But wait, he may fast but he can't jump... What... The balls?

"Ugh, Robo... What did you do to deserve this excuse of a game? RoboCop 3 is a masterpiece compared to this!"
-Mad Wolf

Aside from bad controls, cartoonish graphics, and impossible tasks that were given to you, there's also shitty level design! Drug vials under bridges you can't jump down down from, barrels too high to jump on to access another platform yet enemies apparently have the know to either walk around the barrels or be glitched out and walk through them, and I mentioned earlier the inability to back track tograb any drug vials you missed. Zoop and Last Ninja are at least playable compared to RoboCop 2! This sad sad SAAAAAAAD excuse of a game gets 1 out of 5 drugs that are so far outta place, nobody will be able to get their mitts on them... This game blows...


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