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Ahhhhhh, the joys of being adolescent again...

Sooooooooooooo... I came across a Game Boy Color rom of Shantae somehow a long time ago and I couldn't get too much into it (I just can't get into GBC games that much, never could) but was intrigued. When I heard of a new Shantae game coming out, I wanted it for my Vita and so far haven't been disapoointed. The gameplay kinda reminds of a 2D version of Mega Man Legends where you traverse to different regions to fight different enemies and do things for different people for the town your defending. One minute you're fighting off pirates whereas the next you're fighting Crocodiles kidnapping maidens and making fish bite around their waists, turning the innocent girls into faux Mermaids... No, I'm not making that up...

"I like how the maidens look down like 'huh? how is this so evil?' That comes later, ladies..."
-Mad Wolf

The game is simply classic platforming gold as you play a genie that whips her hair at baddies and belly dances to transform into different forms to take animalistic shapes to access different areas. The crab form causes you to sink to the ocean floor, the bat form will let you fly across gaps, etc etc. Levels are a pretty decent length as well with lots of variety and replay value. The game's also got some fun humor as well as epic old-styled boss battles... Plus fun bits for adolescent boys... Not just the belly dancing...

"Mega boobage power... Activate!"
-The Mermaid Queen

There's just something really fun about this game and it takes me back when games didn't have to be super serious with engaging stories that you have to get into to understand what the Hell is going on. I give Shantae: Half-Genie Hero 5 outta 5 shampoos that turn your hair into a lethal weapon. Definitely one I'm happy with purchasing for my vita. I shall leave you now with this GIF of Shantae belly dancing to keep you entertained.


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