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No console ports? Like, at all?!

Nope, this particular Sims game has no ports to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 64, or the Dreamcast 2! Maybe it's because of all the complaints on PC-to-console ports, maybe due to going over budget with a team or other company porting stuff to consoles, all I'm going to say is the main advantage to console games is you don't really have to worry about graphics cards, screen resolution, sound cards, or anything being incompatible... That said, I did try a 2 day trial off Origin for free and it worked great on my Hella outta date Windows 7 PC and that's great in my book for a game released just a few years ago and is still being charged $40 (to buy it digitally anyway, Arktik got it off Amazon new for $25).

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Once again, the gameplay is about creating Sims, moving them into houses or building your own, and having them live their lives in the city or town they live in. And seeing as though Sims 3 introduced Create-A-Style and an open world to explore we can expect the same (if not more) here, right? Right? I mean, it's a sequel so it makes sense to upgrade the gameplay... Wrong! They totally removed the totally awesome custome style maker known as Create-A-Style and replaced the open world with neighborhoods... Sure they're big and have cool stuff to explore but there was something cool about seeing a Sim leave mtheir house, take a taxi to the library, than a take a walk down to the beach and nap on a bench, all without a single loading screen!

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What is an improvement though are the simplistic controls in adjusting features in Create-A-Sim. Simple click the nose, eyes, jaw, boobs, etc, and drag the mouse until you get the desired look of your sims body rather than navigating menu after menu adjusting sliders and such. Also the in-game statusbar has been totally revamped and simplified. Not top mention way better tattoo options.

Example of the new and different in-game interface...

So how does it all stack up? Well, the customization is both an improvement (simplied body scaling) and a major hinderance (lack of Create-A-Style), the gameplay is fun despite removing the open world travelling, graphics are improved (big whoop). I say it's good though not as creative as Sims 3 and feels a little (1 step forward, 2 steps back". The Sims 4 gets 4 outta 5 Simspansions that totally seem like a corporation ploy to grab your money yet are strangely fun and satisfied for a little bit.


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