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This review is mostly for the PC version and not the watered down sad excuse for a console port...

To explain, The Sims 3 for consoles is not open world, missing a lot of content to customize your Sims with, and (if I remember correctly) is missing the coolest tool of them all, the Create-A-Style tool. Now, let me elaborate for you: In The Sims 3 for PC you can take a cab and head to the beach or a park, catch a movie, or hit the gym, all in a seemless town without having to load a different neighborhood or anything like that. Hell you can even design your own community lots for people to go hang out. Also the only limitation to building on lots in the PC version is your money whereas the console ports have memory issues with how much stuff can be placed even when there's plenty of space to build on. Lack of content in consoles is pretty self explanatory, there's not as much clothing, hairstyles, etc, I don't believe you can even use the color wheel to blend your own mixture of color to your clothing or hair. Now for the Create-A-Style... Putting it simply, you can edit clothing patterns and fabrics, change specific colors in the patterns and fabrics, utilize diferent textures, you can pretty much tailor your own clothes aside from designing the cut of the clothing. So when it comes to the console ports? Damn, they really cut out a lot of the cool stuff in The Sims 3.

"Great pants! I know, I designed them..."
-Random fat gym guy
"Scyeah right! Like totally, get real!"
-Snooty girl in pink
"Well, the tag does say 'Heart design by Random Fat Gym Guy' so maybe? But you still smell bad, dude."
-Girl in green

What's left to say about The Sims 3? Well you design your Sims and take control of their lives, make sure they get to work and balance that out with having fun, graphics are great, etc etc. Seems harder to set the kitchen on fire (I realize this is a real disaster and the original Sims creator, Will Wright, lost a home in a fire, but early on in The Sims and The Sims 2 it's way too easy to set stuff on fire) and ultimately The Sims 3 seems like an easier game to play and manage the digital little SimPeople. I think if there's anything that really drives me nuts in The Sims series, it's the music... Just seems a little too chipper, repetitive, and happy, like what they play in Christmas movies or something when the actors are in malls or crazy schenanigans are happening... I used to turn down the in-game music and play OC Remix in Media Player but the tunes don't seem to bother me as much anymore.

"And here I am performing 'Woohoo' with your grandmother!"
"Why are you showing me this, Pop-Pop? Better question: Why am I drawn to anything that gets pointed at? Is there some omnipotent being clicking at us with a mouse or something? Oh my great mouse clicker, I discovered the answer to the universe!"
-Crazy Sim girl

When it comes to games about customization and digital dollhouse stuff, I don't think you can get any more in-depth than The Sims 3 or it's seval expansions. The Sims 3 gets 5 out of 5 Simglish speaking peeps that strangely have more engaging lives than some of our own... Weird. Actually thinking of the exapnsions I was reminded of something and I take back what I said earlier: There's something else I can't stand in The Sims and that's Katy Perry soooooooo yeah, I'm not getting the Sweet Treats expansion... Her and her stupid cupcake bra, we get it Katy, you have boobs, you don't have to stick them everywhere, they're not that special...


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