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No... This review isn't a typo on The Oregon Trail, this one has zombies...

To begin, Organ Trail is a parody of The Oregon Trail, a game where you play a group of pioneers traversing the famous Oregon Trail of American history. Unlike that game though, Organ Trail is about zombie survival and begins with you getting rescued near Washington DC (which is about to get nuked) and told about a "Safe Haven" on the West Coast. Shortly afterwards, your rescuer says "I was bit, so kill me!" Which you can do (or decide not to) later when other members of your party get bit... Or if they throw your food out the window or "dick with fuel" like idiots...

"Now do you see what happens when you throw tires at bandits? If you live through this, I'm using you as a tire to get the car to Safe Haven."
-Mad Wolf

It's pretty interesting how a simple and retro styled web based game exploded into this big indie game released through Steam and for PS4 and Vita (the last 2 being what I bought the game for) that has a ton of changes and additions such as different weapons with their own advantages and disadvantages as well as diferent routes you can take to get coast to coast, some of which can get you there faster if you brave through radiation zones...

"Coming  this Christmas, Death by Santa's Reindeer!"
-Deep voiced movie trailer guy

I love everything about this (almost). It's a great way to kill some time managing supplies in the game, trying to ensure as many people live as they can. I love the late 80s PC graphical styling, the retro PC speaker sounds, and the backwards aiming thing does give scavenging and zombie killing feel a tense and makes it a little challenging (even when you get used to the controls). If there's anything I don't like about the game it's the music... Not saying the creepy ambient music is bad but it sounds too good in quality, as though it's the 1 thing in the game that doesn't feel retro. They easily could've made some MIDIs or something that would've given the game even more of that retro feeling but they didn't. However that's not enough for me to really hate the game.

"These people are trying to kill us! Why are they after us?!"
"That's what happens when you travel back in time with an MP3 player! These guys just have Walkmans and those antennae headphones that pick up FM radio!"
-Mad Wolf

I give Organ Trail 5 out of 5 car upgrades. Now guys, don't be morons and toss them out the window... Seriously, dude! What did I just tell you? That's it, I'm not saving you when a bandit grabs your ass...


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