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Damn it to Hell, Disney!!!

You had one job, Disney! ONE. JOB. That is to make a movie about Kyle Katarn flying in like the Han Solo-like badass that he is, using his ex-Empire skills it to stick to the man (the man being Vader), steal the Death Star plans, and be flown out by Jan Ors (his trusted pilot) to get the plans to Princess Leia. Is that what happens? About 10%... This time it's Jyn Erso (not Jan Ors) who's the hero inspiring hope in the rebellion to push on fighting with the aid of a Rebel scruffian ne'er-do-well with poor moral standings named Cassian Andor (NOT Kyle Katarn) to break into Imperial towns and facilities, find out about the the super weapon, and warn the Rebel Alliance. Is Cassian the ultimate Death Star plan stealer? Does he become one of Luke's apprentices? Does he even have a fight with Boba freakin' Fett? The answer is NO to all those questions, this film is all about Jyn redeeming the sins of her father and being in a ragtag band...

"Mr. Mad Wolf... Don't you usually say to give movies and games a fair chance even when they take something you cherish and reboot it?"
-Jyn Erso

... Yeeeaaahhhh... As much it feels like I'm ripping off my balls to say that, I have said numerous times to watch movies and play games as entertainment and not read too much into the original versions or source materials, all artists have different envisions and frankly no one bothered making a Dark Forces movie so I shouldn't be too upset about this not being Dark Forces... I still am but I'm gonna move on... Gotta focus, positive things... The effects were great, it appeared as though young Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing were actually in the film but eh, still looked like CG in my opinion (more so with Cushing than Fisher), Vader's back and gives us the murderous violence that sadly we could've had more of in Revenge of The Sith, some new ships were pretty cool, although I think the BEST things in the movie had to have been the blind monk and his companion... Not gonna spoil it, just take my word they're pretty cool. As for the droid? He's cool, but I prefer the violent awesomeness of the HK unit in Knights of The Old Republic...

"I probably would've been more respected if you gave me the blaster a lot sooner..."

Do I hate the movie? No, it's a decent take on the Star Wars universe and tells the events leading up to the classic that started it all. Did this movie need to be made? Not really. There are so many stories already out about the Death Star plans getting stolen and these have been out for decades, this film just tells a different take and that's about it... Doesn't add anything new really, we know how Vader became Vader, know how Luke gets thrown in the mix, and we're not given anything new such as the identity of Snoke or Rey from Force Awakens. It's enjoyable but not gonna go on my to buy list. Rogue One gets an average 3 out of 5 Darth Vader visits though those visits ARE pretty good when they happen!


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