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A game I used to have as a kid... And I wasn't a big fan...

I remember the first time picking this game up was back in the mid 90s at the Hollywood Video in Madera for my birthday present and getting home to play it. And when I did, the game gave me this black and red intro cinematic of a madman yelling and pounding his fist like Hitler, which figures as the terrorist madman in the game is the kind of bad buy that wants to destroy us all in nuclear warfare. The idea of nuclear weapons used to scare the crap outta me and this game doesn't hold your hand, even at the game over screen the game really wants you to feel like you've failed...

"In other words: You killed us all! Great job failing, jackass..."
-Mad Wolf

Moving on, the music and base levels are very fitting for the game, enemies can shoot down your chopper quick and inside the bases your commandos can be killed in the blink of an eye... Which probably continued to fuel the hopelessness I felt playing this game as a 6 or 7 year old. If it wasn't the gameplay itself that's freakin' difficult with a strong and dark military tone (the Strike games are nowhere as dark as this, this is kinda like Hideo Kojima's kinda war mentality without the hours of character dialogue and backstory) in the very last mission there's a spot where you just find mulitple dead ends with switches. Sure pulling the switches activates the conveyer belts and boxes moving from platform to platform, but if you're a kid you'll think the game is busted as you can't jump on top of the boxes, can't blow them up, can't even walk to the areas the boxes come from! You will not know you have to wait for the boxes to reach a spot where they are picked up, THEN you have to be right next to the boxes and HOLD the jump button, it's the only spot in the whole game you have to do something like this! The rest is just go in, kill the bad guys, trigger the timed explosives, get out and don't die!

"Boom shocka-locka boo-ya!!!"
-Mad Wolf

Storyline is very basic: Terrorist madman has taken over countries with armies, has nuclear weapons, will use them. You have 24 hours to stop him or die trying, and you'll probably die a LOT...

I give Red Zone 4 out of 5 nuclear weapon depots... What, surprised of the rating? It's true it bugged me as a kid and it's true it's tough to beat to this day, but Red Zone featured a lot that wasn't typically seen in a console game back then including FMV sequences, 3-D graphics and rotating environments, and a darker tone not found in most military games in it's day. As for the difficulty? Games are meant to give us a challenge, by holding our hands and having us know exactly what to do and how to do it, games fail to give us that satisfying experience when we beat the game... I can't begin to tell you how underwhelming I find modern games that end in brief QuickTime Events. Aside from the box thing in the last level, the game is pretty solid. Red Zone was a game that introduced a lot of cool stuff and features but sadly, went under the radar and didn't get the recognition it really should've got.

"Burn, baby! Burn!"

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