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In a world of redundant modern warfare shooters, it's all your fault...

So this game's story begins with you getting involved in this crazy shootout in New York's subway tunnels as bad guys are doing what bad guys do. It then cuts out to some time prior with you getting interrogated and blamed for well, doing your job and serving your country. So the whole game is told like a backstory of you (the guy being interrogated) being treated like a criminal by Government guys in suits who seem more concerned about talking down to you and labelling you as this traitorous terrorist and less concerned about the story of terrorists getting their hands on nukes, a nuke detonating in Paris, and a potential nuke in New York... Great job placing the security of the country above all else, guys.

"You're a highly decorated yet underpaid soldier who's avoided getting killed against all odds and are being treated as a suspected terrorist by us assoles in suits who probably never served in the military. You're right, there's something wrong with us... It's still your fault though."
-Special Agent Asshole

As with other Battlefield games, the gameplay varies with driving tanks, being a jet fighter gunner, and ultimately being a generic foot soldier who often seems like he gets pushed into the open by his squadmates every chance they get to use cover. And that has to be my issue with these types of games is the limitations, sure the environments seem nice and big and detailed except you can't explore, deviation from the path the programmers say you have to go causes a screen that says something like "get back to the battle area" or something like that. Now yes, some limitations I get but when I can't walk around the building to get the jump on the enemy or simply kick down a door to go inside for quick cover? That. Sucks.

"Sarge? Don't you think running into enemy fire is a bad idea?
"That's insubordination, son! We are told to go this way and die and that's what I intend to do!"

"Totally stupid idea! I'm going back to basic training and learn about this 'tactic' stuff the enemy seems to be using!"

Battlefield 3 is a prime example of how mediocre the FPS genre has become and how very little really stands out from this and say CoD: MW3 and MoH: Warfighter. Sure there's some cool stuff like some great cinematic direction, graphic detail, usage of lights and shadows, emotion in the characters, but the story is "I'm a bland character explaining what happened to the Government penpushers that're my boss who think I'm a terrorist and I'm playing nice despite them not listening to THERE'S A NUKE IN NEW YORK CITY!!!" So the game's got bland and forgettable characters, huge maps that have resticted areas making exploration and tactics severely limited if not impossible at times, and gameplay very similar to pretty much every other modern war game out there. It's fun but I'd say it's okay, nothing about it is great or terrible or really makes the game stand out on it's own. BF3 gets 3 out of 5 unappreciated soldiers who give their lives for the countries they serve.

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