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It's kinda like if Medal of Honor had an online multiplayer mode...

Time to take you back to the beginning of the whole Battlefield franchise, this is BF1942! What's the story? No real story mode or cinematics, just a quick rundown of the historical missions you'll playthrough such as Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima. The gameplay? Well, this is back when competitive arena shooters like Quake III and Unreal Tournament were all the rage, so if you can image those but focused heavily on teamplay with all kinds of different vehicles to steal and drive/pilot and the goal is to take crucial points being held by the enemy in Capture The Flag kinda fashion.

"Ho ho ho... I got a STG 44!!!"
-John McClane playing BF1942

There's really not much left about the game short of it's probably the war game that started the whole online modes in FPS game craze and I think it's still possibly the best. Why be the victim of an airstrike in Call of Duty when you can steal the plane off the aircraft carrier, commit the airstrike yourself, and then parachute behind enemy lines to steal tanks and take their outposts? In closing, I give Battlefield 1942 5 out of 5 radio messages for medics when your good plans seem to fail. Now I'm getting outta this hole...

"Really dude? You're stealing the jet I was gonna steal?! Well, I have no choice: I have to destroy it, killing you inside, and being forced to sit here to wait for another jet to respawn..."
-Mad Wolf

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