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Could this be a totally original FPS to reinvigorate the seemingly now redundant genre?

I started playing the BF games at my sister's boyfriend's apartment in the early 2000s with Battlefield 1942 and loved the diversity of gameplay with historical missions, it felt like the Medal of Honor series taken to a whole new level. But over the years, Battlefield kinda went linear with the single player gameplay and very similar to the Call of Duty series. Well, CoD was big with gamers so if you can't beat them, do what they do right? I'm happy to say this isn't the case with BF1...

"Should this continue, the corpses shall inherit the Earth."
-Mad Wolf

For starters, Battlefield 1 takes place in World War I (AKA The War To End All Wars) and begins it's story with tragic take: Death is all around, the very Earth seems scarred and you play character after character getting killed off and watching your brothers in arms perish. They really made the grittiness of this war stand out with environmental details such as rain and mud to the point where they dirty up your hands and weapons with the blood and grime of the battlefields. So setting and theme-wise, BF1 really takes us back to an era not often seen in games, sadly WW2 and modern wars have flooded the game scene into redundancy.

"What a beautiful sight..."
-Mad Wolf
"Those are exploding planes, you idiot!"
"It's a beautiful sight of exploding planes..."
-Mad Wolf

Will you take to the skies and engage in epic dogfights while shooting down Zeppelins, will you run with T. E. Lawrence and the Arabian pack in the fight for freedom and independence, will yout get over your head and sneak through enemy lines to live another day? Battlefield 1 gives you these choices while trying to show the hardships soldiers across the world endured and the sacrifices they made in a war very few understand what it's all about. It's a breath of fresh air, even if it gets a little sad and gritty.

I say Battlefield 1 gets 5 out of 5 war stories of fallen soldiers who gave their all for their families and countries. I thought this one was $60 well spent.

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