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Like a mix between Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid...

I mean that strictly as this is an puzzling adventure game in a large and dark mansion belonging to a cyber fascist that wishes to brainwash these children into his new world order by preventing them to read certain books such as Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451. Sorry, don't expect mutations, genetic enhanced super soldiers, and epic battles against super weapons that'll doom us all. Though the talented voice actors David Hayter (Solid SNAAAAAAAAKE) and Jennifer Hale (Naomi Hunter, Emma Emmerich) are here in this game and that only adds to the Metal Gear-esque nature of the characters. You play a Pre-Cal (someone that has not been brainwashed yet, I'm thinking a teenager) named 390-H but prefers her alias, Hope. Who wouldn't prefer that name, Stormtroopers? Then again, Fin in Force Awakens prefers his alias... Anyways, Hope is in trouble for having a copy of the République manifesto (think of it like the rules, regulations, and religion created by the fascist Headmaster) that has been edited by a man named Zager who is trying to inspire a revolution and is writing many passages pointing out the Headmaster's BS...

"Get on with it! They're gonna find me if you keep wasting time..."

So gameplay...There's a lot of backtracking to locked rooms, solving puzzles, much in the style of the original Resident Evil. It's 100% stealth, no real action short of pepper spraying or tazing guards if you get caught. Also no dying, no Game Over screens, you just have Hope taken to a cell which you can easily hack your way out of. So the game is very forgiving if you screw up... Which is one of it's drawbacks for me as the game's plot really focuses on "censorship is wrong", "limiting people to what they can see and do is fascism and creates a society of braindead zombies", "people can take/handle more than they are given credit for." And yet, the player CAN'T die in this game or properly fight back against tyranny. One scene in particular, one of Hope's friends dies and she comes across the video footage she says "I shouldn't watch this"... Naturally I said "Okay, I'll spare you the man's tragic fate and watch alone", she asks "what happened?" Leaving the room I get a phone call from an ally claiming, "I'm partially relieved you spared her that imagery, still it feels like censorship to me"... What the Hell, game?! You want me to grab her by the head and force her watching how her friend died (which you don't see it but you hear the audio and him getting murdered trying to run away)? I realize it's meant as a wakeup call to the reality of this shithole but damn, forcing someone to do something horrible doesn't justify people censoring others so they can get away with horrible things. There needs to be a common middle ground, if someone DOESN'T WANT to watch something, I shouldn't have to force the issue.

"Books that shock you with reality and adult stuff is evil! They must be burned, child!"
"You're fascist government is evil, and you're a witch! You must be burned!"
"Whoa! Whoa! I'm a firm believer order equally creates chaos and strict laws often creates more extreme criminals, but what the Hell?! Where is the middle ground and common sense in today's society?"
-Mad Wolf
"... Common sense is evil incarnate and must be purified in fire!!!"
-Both sides
"Oh right, that intelligent guy was murdered too..."
-Mad Wolf

This game is an interesting concept and it's pretty fun to play, easy to get into. Defintely different and unique like most indie games are but this isn't really a bad one. Matter of fact, the only other drawback I have with the game is when switching cameras (It's supposed to be YOU are hacking the camera feed and have to control switching them) sometimes the game freezes for a couple of seconds... That's annoying but not game breaking. There is something weird, your ally on the phone has you searching for his game disks and daaaaaamn... This guy has a ton of them! Where did he have the time to play all these? Maybe he was spending more time playing indie games than doing his job, in which case I can see why the guards took his disks away. But all in all I give République 4 out of 5 controversial books. There are some parts the game COULD be better in my opinion but it's awesome regardless. I disagree with some calling this a "survival horror" game (you might as well label the MGS or Metroid series "survival horror" for doing that) but it's pretty cool, great job from the developers.


I'll leave you with this story: I was in the dorms and a guard spotted me, I ran around the corner and hid behind a potted plant. Well, he found me and told me to come out, so I did and rather than macing him Hope pickpocted him and crawled off slowly only so the guy radioed in "can't find the Pre-Cal." I don't understand how that happened but it was funny to watch.

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