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A long awaited sequel to the ORIGINAL post nuclear apocalyptic RPG...

Hmmmm... Where should I start? Screw it, I'm in a bad mood because of this game so no mercy... First off, I don't expect games to hold my hand or nothing but this was kinda ridiculous. Even with characters trained to use specific weapons and having high hit chances (60-85%) they miss a good 4 out of 5 times. I'm not kidding, even with a shotgun, point blank range with a high hit chance... Miss. Now I gotta mention the camera... Either it follows too far behind you and doesn't reveal what's coming unless it's 2-5ft away, or it's directly overhead and that REALLY hurts the amazing detail they put into this world. Let's look at the mission of saving the Ag Center, trying to destroy these vines blocking doorways was annoying as online walkthroughs said "shoot vines"... Okay. I hit the X button and I'm told these things are thick and tough. Holding the R2 button brought up a radial menu with attack but it's listed as unavailable. I had to do the R2 radial menu thing, deselect object with triangle button than RESELECT it with the triangle button... This is a overly complicated way to tell troops to destroy something right in front of their face. Speaking of right in front of their face, there are plenty of boxes and stuff I come across and wanna investigate but getting too close, something ELSE gets highlighted and my characters wanna check THAT out...

"Soldier! You're the best ranking demo guy in this squad! Why the Hell did you throw that dynamite AWAY from the bad guys and try to kill them civilians?! You're lucky my 84% hit chance doesn't mean squat or I'd blow your brains all over the desert Wasteland!"
-General Mad Wolf

And before you think, "oh, Mad Wolf needs his hand held", "he hates the realistic toughness of this post apocalyptic game" or "he hates quad based strategy RPGs", I've played Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4, I designed Krucible, and I LOVE Shadowrun Returns. These are clearly flaws in a game with a budget, if it's an issue with the in game post apocalypse salvage the interface shouldn't tell me my guys can do stuff when they act stupid instead, and that doesn't explain controls that need to be fixed. That said, I don't hate EVERYTHING about this game. The artwok is very nice, the characters and actors are well played, and the storyline is interesting with the whole people both of men and machine wanting to rage war against life and the Rangers... Hmmmm, maybe that's a burn on BioWare for that crappy "neutral" ending they whipped together for Mass Effect 3...

"The wasteland! Huh, greener than I thought it'd be..."
-Mad Wolf

Soooooooo where does that leave this highly anticipated sequel to the original post apocalypse RPG? Well, I'm left feeling annoyed and frustrated at the gameplay, and not in a good "I feel challenged" sorta way. And unfortunately I feel the cool things about this game don't make up for all the stuff that could be WAY better. Hell, they could've made it like a cross between Alpha Protocol and Resident Evil: Operation Raccon City, that would've fixed the camera problems and the stupid hit/miss ratio problems (seriously, I feel those ratios are like half of what are displayed on the screen). I'd strongly suggest Fallout 3, Fallout 4, or even Shadowrun Returns over Wasteland 2. I payed $25 for this used at GameStop and THAT feels overpriced to me. I give this one 2 outta 5 cheating hit ratio displays... Heeeeyy, wait a minute. If the machines are going to war against the Rangers and the hit ratio is like a computer thing, maybe it's a setup by the machines! ... My mind is blown but I'm still annoyed at this game.

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