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The PlayStation game isn't the law, Stallone ES DER LAUG!

Yep, this one is based off the movie and features pretty much every scene in the movie from the block war at the beginning to the epic duel at the statue of the liberty in the end. Even has some stuff thrown in from the comics such as the Dark Judges and this Xenomorph looking beastie (damn it, I can never remember what they're called) that pops up when you're in the Aspen Penal Colony level. Essentially it's a side scrolling shooter like we seen dozens (maybe hundreds of) for the Sega and SNES though it does have a very unique setting with it's dystopian future, the awesome music and sounds, and don't forget the fact you CAN also arrest perps rather than killing everything in front of you like every other side scrolling shooter game for the systems...

"Citizen! Why are you sifting through turds? That is against DER LAUG!!!"
-Judge Dredd

Not much more to say really, graphics are pretty good for the 16-bit consoles, controls and action are pretty solid. I have to say if you have a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or Super Nintendo... Get this game, it's a pretty good shooter. Even the Game Gear and Game Boy versions were done pretty well considering their hardware limitations. Acclaim a Probe definitely deserve a pat on the back for this game that truly stands out in their library (which does have a lot of movie based games such as Alien 3 and Batman Forever). Judge Dredd gets 5 out of 5 pixellated Stallones dishing out DER LAUG!!!

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