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Is it a polygon mess of a rail shooter or one of those games with cheesy yet somehow entertaining FMV games with bad acting? It's both, and it is the law...

By now, you guys know I like Judge Dredd so I HAD to try this game out. I wasn't sure what to expect as the manual cover and some screenshots show FMV actors, yet other screens show those spiky polygon models that late 90s games are so well known for (especially for the PlayStation). See, they used FMV scenes for cinematics and for destructible TV screens in the game but the rest utilized the spikygons as I'll refer to them from here on out... What, did they lose ALL their budget with the FMV scenes? Did the cheesy actors demand money for iconic roles as Dredd and those random other people? In other words, the art design and graphics of this game feel like they're having an identity crisis. I'm not kidding guys, even the title screen is clearly drawn artwork and doesn't really fit the FMVs...

"For looking stupidly unrealistic, unlike me and a few other people, you get 20 years in the iso-cubes, punk!"
-Judge Dredd

"We'd rather die and strangely dissolve into sparkle goo than go to the cubes!"
-Skipygon perps

Now for the price I got this off Amazon for, I can overlook some stuff. BUT this game slows the Hell down too, sometimes to the point where the entirely game freezes and the system needs to be restart. That... Sucks. As for the FMV acting... Eh, it's 90s FMV acting with some cheap costumes so they're stupid but fun and probably the best part of the game. That said, I got more negativity to spread with short level design and the weakness of Dredd's gun, the Lawgiver... I mean c'mon, it takes a full clip to kill one bad guy (who do not erupt in a bloody mess like I think they should in a Judge Dredd rail shooter game)!

"Maybe this game is like some low-res poly nightmare Dredd is having and the smug FMV faces on the screens are people who either put him in
this nightmare state or are trying to get him up... Naaahhhhh, the game is just poorly thought out..."
-Mad Wolf

Judge Dredd on the PlayStation gets 1 out of 5 armor piercing rounds from the Lawgiver. If you want a BETTER Judge Dredd experience, I strongly recommend the Genesis/SNES game, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death on Gamecube/PC/PS2/Xbox, the Judge Dredd pinball table (which is also DLC for the game Pinball Arcade), the 2 movies featuring the iconic character that takes no crap, or Hell! Just buy some of the comic books from Amazon! As for Rail Shooter games, there's also better out there such as T2: Arcade Game, Corpse Killer, Area 51, Resident Evil: Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles... I decided to take a chance on this game and yeah, that was stupid.

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