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If it's not broke, don't fix it right?

Well... With this release they kinda broke the series. It originally HAD to be connected online and HAVE to interact with other users (one of the security things a lot of companies do now to try and kick cyber pirates in the balls... Doesn't work that way most of the time as they hack around it), had frequent crashes, smaller map size than SimCity 2000, and things got overly simplified with the intro tutorial and fact that water and electricity is carried through the city automagically underneath the roads. Now, some of these things they fixed through patches such as there is now a single player mode that you DON'T have to be online for and the game seems to run pretty steady... I haven't had a single crash! But what of the other stuff? Did the traffic advisor get his wish and I regret buying this?! Hahaha... Hell no, and it looks like that guy was fired or something. I wonder...

"You can't abduct me! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!!!"
-Traffic advisor

But with modern tech in game design, this game can't be all bad... Can it? Depends who you ask, a lot of SimCity fans and purists seem to dislike this game and it has some BAD reviews. Like, 1 and a half stars on Amazon from over 4,000 reviews. BUT I got the complete edition on Origin for pretty cheap and can't say it's bad. Sure, the city maps are kinda small but here's the thing: You can create additional cities in a state-like area and have these cities intermingle with one another. One city could be dedicated to industry and drilling for oil where another city can focus on commerical and residences and utilize solar power. Downside is each city area CAN and WILL run outta space very fast as you just wanna build and build AND BUILD!!!

"Awwww... Already outta room? Okaaaaaaaaay... Time to move on..."
-Mad Wolf

So yeah, it does kinda suck it reverted to the original SimCity with level sizes, but it's also got some cool things such as a new budget screen that easily shows you (and adds together for you for those that hate math) your profits vs. your cash losses. You can also easily create S bends and curved roads, Hell you can even learn from indiviual Sims just what the Hell is on their sick and twisted little digital want lists. Another cool feature is it transitions from day to night back to day which hasn't been done before in SimCity.

So frankly, yeah it's got drawbacks but it makes up for that with cheap sale prices, cool new features, patches, etc etc. And besides, if you want those older games like SimCity 2000, just play those older games like SimCity 2000 as you can still easily find them on Amazon, GoG, Origin, and etc etc. This one holds true to Sims and SimCity while offering new stuff to the table, so give it SOME slack. I, the Mad Wolf, give SimCity (2013) 4 out 5 non perfect circular roads that won't crumble from some asshole claiming I'll regret this...

"Wow... What a nice view of that neighboring city... By the way, what city is that?"
-Mayor Mad Wolf
"Um... Otisburg, sir."
"Otisburg?! OTISBURG?!"
-Secretary of Defense, Lex Luthor

"Hmmm... Maybe having him as Secretary of Defense was not a good idea..."
-Mayor Mad Wolf

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