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Dedicating this to my buddies, Sterling and Forrest! Hopefully, I WILL NOT REGRET THIS!!!

So if you read my review of SimCity you saw I like this one better and here's the simple reason why: The city you build feels much bigger, more complex, and ultimately feels MUCH MORE like a real city. In SC2000, there are several new power plant options you get BUT certain power plants are only available depending on the year your city is stuck in... They didn't have no stinkin' solar or fusion power in 1906!!! You also have to worry about water pumps and build pipes that connect said pumps to building blocks. Terrain can give your city map a nice natural touch but building on hills can be bad as there's not enough room for some stuff, so are you pro nature or pro city? The budget system's been revamped as you can cut or give funding not just to traffic, police, and fire department, but also to education, hospital, as well as check out what advisors suggest what actions you should make for your city... Just don't cut funding to traffic, even if down by merely 1% the advisor threatens you and acts like a pixelated dick...

"See what I mean? Kinda funny but I hate that guy... So negative."
-Mad Wolf

So building a city here is much more in depth and you got new things to worry about such as rioters, which now you can directly point WHERE you want your police, fire, and national guard to go in case of any problems. Traffic getting too dense? Build a highway! No room for a railroad? Take it underground as a subway! Name your sports teams! Build an airport (so pilots can crash into buildings, seriously is my airport just hiring drunk assholes?). Seriously, this game takes EVERYTHING from SimCity and seems to crank it all the way to 11!

"Damn it, traffic advisor! I gave you the funding for roads, not so you can build a Robotic Spider Death Cyclops! Screw you, man!"
-Mad Wolf

Final verdict on SimCity 2000? Well, here's a shocker: I give it 5 out of 5 disasters that can level a city into dust and you know something else? I don't regret saying that, Mr. asshole traffic advisor man! SC2000 is a great way to kill hours just building a utopia, or distopia, depends on what tickles your fancy I guess. Great game, check it out! Runs great in DosBox and you can get it on either or Origin for a great price. Though I do miss having the big box to this game... I'll have to start trying to collect those...

"Damn it to Hell, dude!"
-Mad Wolf

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