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... Well... THAT was unexpected...

Yep, I was one of many who eagerly anticipated this game and when I finally got it was like, "huh... weird." This review's gonna be a little different, lemme start by saying how my first gameplay experience went... First, I was lost on a unforgiving toxic and hot planet with a broken ship, burning my shields away and losing life support (oxygen) fast. So I looked around for stuff on ground, figured out my gun was a mining laser and started mining crystals for my ship... Bad idea as these floaty robots showed up and attacked me. Put up a good fight by taking several of them down but then a several others came and by then? Dead and respawning. I got some notifcations of stuff I needed and had some waypoints on my HUD... Why it told me to hike for a good mile instead of just mine the crap at the bottom of the hill, I don't know!!!

"Piece o' crap, scanner... This same stuff was 10 feet away from my ship which is also a piece o' crap! ... Crap."
-Mad Wolf

So yeah... I got stuff and hiked my butt of like the chicks in the Within Temptation/Tarja Turunen music video of Paradise (What About Us?)... Actually I felt like that for the first 2-3 hours trying to figure out what rocks gave me what minereals and necessary stuff... Anyways, I finally got the stuff and got off the planet and started heading to another planet with some alien signal... Which was gonna take 2 hours just to show up... That was until I found out holding the rotate ship buttons (L1 and R1 on PS4, I think) activates this kinda turbo drive. Not hyperdrive, that came later after doing stuff for aliens I can't understand and getting some exploration under my belt... It was here that I realize how devoid of life everything is, especially space stations... It's very unnerving to see only your ship in the hangar, especially with that peacy kinda music playing...

"I'm the only one in this diamond shaped Death Star? Spooky..."
-Mad Wolf

I realize this massive universe is meant for MASSIVE multiplayer but just seeing it single player is a very empty. Now you probably think I hate this game? Well, kind of... It's like how I feel about Duke Nukem 3D: There's cool potential that I see how it could've been different and better in some ways, but it's still has this cool idea at it's core. With NMS, the cool idea is in the form of survival gameplay where you venture away from the safety of your ship, unaware of dangers you may face just to obtain some resources or maybe obtain some new gadget. The soundtrack tries to lure you into this false sense of peace and security, don't beliete it! The planets and mysterious floaty robots want you dead to feed on your corpse!

No Man's Sky is cool for what it is: Space exploration survival mining game kinda like an updated Minecraft created by some talented minds taht deserve more attention for their hard work. However, the game seems to lack content and a lot of these worlds seem a little empty. I know that's part of the point but oh man, imagine if they had alien starport cities you come across where you can't understand anyone and just wanna drink, or certain wildlife several stories tall moving together (or maybe even hunting YOU) in herds like Jurassic Park... Damn, this game could've been so much MORE than just what it is. For that, No Man's Sky gets 3 out of 5 semi-empty planets that hate your guts with it's toxic air and flesh melting hotness.

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