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I'd like to see a Dreamcast or Genesis port...

Doom... A game that's been emulated, ported, revisioned, and has touched the hearts of millions (Though I felt was kinda "eh" ) but has never really been duplicated... Until now... Or has it? Seriously, I can't tell if this is a sequel or reboot! It starts out with you on a table being pulled outta some sarcophagus or something, a scientist says "Don't wake him, he'll ruin everything!' and they show the suit like "Yeeeah! Remember this armor?!" but it's called Doom, not Doom 4, Doom 3x2, Doom Returns or whatever! And even the robo Ultron guy kinda acts like "Hey, so we know you and know you'd be pissed at us for not learning from LAST TIME, but uh... Yeah, we went ahead and opened the gates to Hell anyway."

"Oh yeeeeah... You remember this, guys?!
-The Doom Slayer

So from what I've played not much of story short of you wake up, you're pissed that Hell's been unleashed, and you're like the ONLY guy that can kick the forces of Hell in the ass and blow their shit out with a shotgun. And seeing as though they found you in a sarcophagus that tells me your some sort of special muckity muck like Dracula or something. But considering the source material, who really cares?

"CRAAAAAP! It's that special guy that we entombed for killing thousands of us! I only have these 2 rocket launchers attached to my back, I'm SOOOOOOO screwed!"
-The Revenant

As with the original, this game focuses on collecting guns, ammo, and slaughtering sometimes DOZENS of demons in a single area. Bringing back my point that a game where the Devil's invading horde falling easily as an army of wussies kinda defies the point of this being a horror game full of monsters called Doom, YOU KILL MORE THAN THE DEMONS DO!!! Collecting weapons and ammo in this with all the floaty icons and everything reminds me a bit of Borderlands where guns are like treasure. Strangely, the player is always running at Sonic The Hedgehog speed (And that's BEFORE you pick up Quake's Haste item) and they really threw climbing platforms in here like you're Mega Man or Samus Aran, all we need is picking up the enemies' abilities but oh wait, you kinda do when you find these crates with what appears to be the all seeing eye from Lord of the Rings! These things give you new abilites to be more of a Doom slaying monster badass.

"I can SEE you! My Nazgul will... Wait, what're doing?
don't squish me! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!"

So yeah, there's new stuff like Quake's items like Haste and Quad Damage, suit and weapon powerups, there's these gore nests too that when you squeeze a heart on them they spawn several demons that really engage you in what I feel are like tournament shooters like Quake III and Unreal Tournament, not bad just different to see. No weapon limitation or health regeneration like CoD or Halo but when you kill demons (especially in "glory kills" which are straight outta Brutal Doom and Mortal Kombat) the fallen enemies actually drop health pickups, another thing that's not bad but different to see and kinda weird in my opinion. What's also a first is the chainsaw is more of a special weapon that needs gas to kill enemies and reward you with health and/or ammo, and you need MORE gas for the bigger enemies. A refreshing change from just running around and sawing stuff with your finger on the fire button. There's also a built in "SnapMap" level editor which feels much like the MapMaker of TimeSplitters... Cool stuff.

"Can I has your cheezeburger?"
-The Revenant

So what's my final verdict? Well, it's not really scary or horrific, just gory and graphic. But the gameplay is really fun and very original for this day and age in gaming where First Person Shooteers are totally "been there, done that, licked all the stamps and sent all the postcards." But it's also a reboot taking a lot of elements from games we seen 20 years ago. That's not bad but takes away from the originality. Doom gets what I feel is a well deserved 4 out 5 blood soaked shotgun shells. Now go forth and blast away Hell's legion of gore drenched wuss bags.

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