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Games that need to make a comeback

Posted by madwolf555 on January 24, 2014 at 10:00 PM

These past 10-15 games, companies have been remaking/continuing classic games for modern systems such as Rise of The Triad, Shadow Warrior, Splatterhouse. Well here is my list of some games begging for for a comebcak from the almost forgotten past...


Back in the 80s and early 90s, it was pretty cool to have games/cartoons/comics with anthropomorphic creatures like Ninja Turtles and Blue Hedgehogs, toads were no exception!The gameplay of Battletoads was much like most arace games, levels were linear roads shown from a side scrolling perspective, some levels had you descending tunnels, throwing boulders at giant robots from the ROBOT'S perspective. The character's limbs would  become supersized when they ended their combos with super powerful punches and kicks. Rare WAS bought out by Microsoft and they already are redoing Killer Instinct so I think Battletoads NEEDS a comeback as well. And the lead enemy was this somewhat dominatrix looking chick called the Dark Queen... That was rare to see as an enemy back in the day...

Schyeah... SHE'S the final bad guy and she's hard as Hell to beat. :o


Road Rash is a motorcycle racing/fighting game in which the player rides motorcycles through busy streets, illegally arcing against other bikers and being chased by the law. If you don't wanna race clean then fight dirty throwing punches and kicks towards your competition, just be warned they WILL fight back with clubs and chains and other weapons! The last game in the series was Road Rash: Jailbreak for the Sony Playstation which, although fun, didn't compare to the simple awesomeness of the original games on Sega Genesis. With how many Need For Speed games they made, it really wouldn't kill Electronic Arts to bring Road Rash back from the past...


This game was Sega's idea to do something like Double Dragon (Which I hear was redone and released on PSN and Xbox Live, but from what I've seen doesn't look as awesome and looks more like a joke now). It was a pretty fun beat em up game and it looks like Sega wanted a Streets of Rage 4 and 5... But they hired Core to make the games and Core wanted to release the games for Playstation and Nintendo 64 as well as Sega Saturn, so Sega said "You're not making OUR games for our COMPETITION'S systems." (Which I believe was a fair thing to say). So Core decided to keep making the games but call them Fighting Force... Which ultimately wasn't as fun as the classics on Genesis. I believe though this game could be fun if brought back from the dead with gameplay like Dante's Inferno or God of War (Linear level design, but with 3d graphics and ability to move characters wherever in the area).


This game was made not long after Wolfenstein 3D and uses a heavily modified Wolf3d source code for a base. The game is about a futuristic James Bond like agent named Blake Stone who is going after a maniacal doctor using aliens, mutations, and killer robots as his army and plans to take over the universe. Only 2 games were made in the Blake Stone series and a reboot is BEGGING to be done.


One of the very few FPS games for the Sega Genesis. Zero Tolerance is about a space station getting attacked by alien forces wanting to take over the Earth. The Zero Tolerance squad is sent in for one objective: Kill them all. You get your choice of playable characters each with their own specialties, one gets more health from medkits, another makes their radar battery last longer, another is more accurate with firearms, etc. Totally an underrated game which deserves to be brought back and seen for it's glory.

There you have it: 5 games which I feel should be not just remade for new systems with HD graphics, but developers should step in and think of the games' great points and how they can add to it as they did with the Tomb Raider reboot. :)

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