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Good ideas for Wolf3d mods...

Posted by madwolf555 on July 10, 2013 at 12:05 AM

Hi everybody!!! :)

These are just some ideas I though would be cool for Wolf3d mods. Maybe you'll spot where most of my inspiration comes from. ;)

Ahh Aliens, video games based on this movie have often been made but rarely captures the intensity of the movie (Aliens Vs. Predator for the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 being one of the exceptions. With minor coding work and some artistic skill on the wall textures, the atmosphere of the movie could be captured well in Wolf3d's corridor/room based levels. Hell, you could even program in rescuable prisoners, some of which rigged to have their chests burst and spawn new enemies!

Eraser, an action film from the mid 90s about a woman working for a weapons company who discoverers a huge conspiracy of treason and arms trafficking. Schwarzenegger being the no-bullshit Witness Security agent he is, shoots up armies of bad guys, a plane, a crocodile, some more bad guys, to keep the girl safe. Okay... That's your typical classic action video game storyline... How the Hell is it NOBODY made this into a game?!?! Someone should... All I'm saying. :P

Splatterhouse, we barely know thee... No seriously, since the first game shown up in the late 80s for arcade, only 4 official games were really made. First being for TurboGrafx (Which I never heard of growing up in the 90s), the the 2 sequels for the Sega Genesis (Which I don't recall ever seeing in magazines, sure it was in some just not ones I read), and finally a reboot of the game in 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (Which pisses me off it's not for PC!!!) . After playing the first 3 games with emulators and roms, the gameplay is go here, kill this, save your girlfriend while looking like Jason in a true B movie-like storyline... The story may suck, but that's where mod developers come in!!! Really, make the story however you want but with Wolf3D's engine, some code features like blood splatters, weapon bobbing, fatalities, I KNOW there's modders out there that've done real good creepy Wolf3d mods (Majik Monkee, I'm talking about you), this would be a pretty kickass mod. :D

Die Hard!... Yeah, this is actually a game I wanted to do before and even announced... Then the hard drive with all my files died. Still a good idea: 40 floors of action, maybe could have levels where you outrun some explosives or something. Story could be search floor to floor looking for that funny douchebag from Robin Hood, Harry Potter, and Galaxy Quest that kidnapped your wife and holding her and her co-workers hostage in a building he rigged to blow up... Why? Because he really wants the money from the vault. :P

Anyways, those are the ideas on the top of my head. Really I could go off all night talking about "Oh! This would be good! And this! Oh Hell yeah, that'd also be good!" But then I wouldn't have any time to do anything else... So I'm heading out, until next time.

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