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Mad Wolf is back!!!

Posted by madwolf555 on June 6, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Yeah... I know I'm terrible with this whole disappearing and reappearing act I do... But I got some AWESOME news...

After the release of Tara Carmichael I had begun work on my latest project...

Which of course is nowhere close to any significant progress made. Why, you ask? Frankly it's because working on Tara Carmichael stressed me out, as much as I like how it turned out I still heard nitpicks on crap I thought was minor and petty. Even the most annoying bug in the game, no one bothered to mention to me... So I was a little angry about that.

Plus, been taking care of this dog my sister brought home which the dog IS sweet but also gets wild, her barks are very yappy and wakes people up, haven't been able to leave the house much as she barks and howls which wakes up my sister's baby. So yeah, I like the dog but she gets on my nerves at times, like when she pees and craps in the house when my mom leaves the back door always open. Although my sister brought Daisy home, guess who she imprinted on... Yep, me.

Oh and to make things even better, my PS3 died on me again a like 2 weeks ago. Instead of paying $150 to send it to Sony who'd replace mine with another refurbished piece of crap (I know as that's what they did the last 5 times, 3 times within the 90 day warranty) I decided to sell my PS3 games, replace some with the PC versions, get a Blu-Ray player, and the rest of my income would go to my credit card.

So yeah, as of late I've been playing a lot of Skyrim and Mass Effect on my PC, trying to chill out and not be so stressed or pissed off. Speaking of Skyrim, here is a screenshot I took of my character using some mods...

Isn't she the prettiest Dark Elf Viking character you ever saw? :)

Imagine this small picture at 1600x900 resolution with a crystal sharp picture... Yeah, my computer plays Skyrim THAT well (Minus some crap I don't like such as motion blur and video filtering :P lol ). And yes, I did make 2 Skyrim plugins of my own, been meaning to upload them to the net but haven't got around to it... Yet.

Also, whenever I do finally chill out, I'm gonna add some reviews for all 3 Mass Effect games. So stay freakin' tuned! :D lol

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