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More news of Tara Carmichael!!!

Posted by madwolf555 on October 26, 2012 at 6:40 PM

Wow... Been a while since my last update... So here we go!

Tara Carmichael is looking amazing! Thanks to ThunderEnema for coding a 2nd ammo, I added a Shotgun and the M4s use their own ammo from here on (I was able to take a peak at the code, see the changes he made to the M4s, and used that to add the new Shotgun).

Furthermore, I was able to remember how to get 64 (Presently I got 9 unused slots) wall textures in the game... Though I might need more in which case I'll have to hit up ThunderEnema for more help.

Coding wise I was able to make the strippers say "Woohoo!" and do a little animation. They are also now killable which takes away points from the player.

As far as levels, I'm working on levels 12 (Hospital), 13 (Hospital/Bars/Street), 18 (Subway), and 19 (Subway).

And you may wonder what new changes I might add to the game... Wellllllllll...

*Exploding barrels which can contain weapons, ammo, or nothing. :D
*Still need to create uzi chick sprites for an enemy type.
*Gonna create another stripper... Or two. :P
*Vending machines and hot dog stands will require 500 points to get some food and drink.
*And of course I still have to design a good 15-17 levels... Yay. :(

That's it for now. I'll be back when I have more to say.

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