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Mods and art

Posted by madwolf555 on September 18, 2016 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Tonight after work I'm gonna try and get some more work done on Krucible'sfinal boss sprites. Aside from the final boss, there's really not much needing work, just testing to see if everything plays out smoothly. Really hoping to get this done soon (possible release by the 1st). The nuclear nightmares coming! Hehehehe...

My other update is a digital painting that I'm shooting to get down. That also doesn't have much left to do, could be done these next couple of days as it mostly just needs some shading and touchups. Here is a link to my drawn and simple B&W version if you wanna check that out.

Also, be sure to check out my Patreon page. Any donations will go to show some love and support for my work, whether it's videos, art, mods, whatever. Plus you get nifty little perks too like full length videos, digital painting processes. So please go and check it out. :)

Games that need to make a comeback

Posted by madwolf555 on January 24, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

These past 10-15 games, companies have been remaking/continuing classic games for modern systems such as Rise of The Triad, Shadow Warrior, Splatterhouse. Well here is my list of some games begging for for a comebcak from the almost forgotten past...


Back in the 80s and early 90s, it was pretty cool to have games/cartoons/comics with anthropomorphic creatures like Ninja Turtles and Blue Hedgehogs, toads were no exception!The gameplay of Battletoads was much like most arace games, levels were linear roads shown from a side scrolling perspective, some levels had you descending tunnels, throwing boulders at giant robots from the ROBOT'S perspective. The character's limbs would  become supersized when they ended their combos with super powerful punches and kicks. Rare WAS bought out by Microsoft and they already are redoing Killer Instinct so I think Battletoads NEEDS a comeback as well. And the lead enemy was this somewhat dominatrix looking chick called the Dark Queen... That was rare to see as an enemy back in the day...

Schyeah... SHE'S the final bad guy and she's hard as Hell to beat. :o


Road Rash is a motorcycle racing/fighting game in which the player rides motorcycles through busy streets, illegally arcing against other bikers and being chased by the law. If you don't wanna race clean then fight dirty throwing punches and kicks towards your competition, just be warned they WILL fight back with clubs and chains and other weapons! The last game in the series was Road Rash: Jailbreak for the Sony Playstation which, although fun, didn't compare to the simple awesomeness of the original games on Sega Genesis. With how many Need For Speed games they made, it really wouldn't kill Electronic Arts to bring Road Rash back from the past...


This game was Sega's idea to do something like Double Dragon (Which I hear was redone and released on PSN and Xbox Live, but from what I've seen doesn't look as awesome and looks more like a joke now). It was a pretty fun beat em up game and it looks like Sega wanted a Streets of Rage 4 and 5... But they hired Core to make the games and Core wanted to release the games for Playstation and Nintendo 64 as well as Sega Saturn, so Sega said "You're not making OUR games for our COMPETITION'S systems." (Which I believe was a fair thing to say). So Core decided to keep making the games but call them Fighting Force... Which ultimately wasn't as fun as the classics on Genesis. I believe though this game could be fun if brought back from the dead with gameplay like Dante's Inferno or God of War (Linear level design, but with 3d graphics and ability to move characters wherever in the area).


This game was made not long after Wolfenstein 3D and uses a heavily modified Wolf3d source code for a base. The game is about a futuristic James Bond like agent named Blake Stone who is going after a maniacal doctor using aliens, mutations, and killer robots as his army and plans to take over the universe. Only 2 games were made in the Blake Stone series and a reboot is BEGGING to be done.


One of the very few FPS games for the Sega Genesis. Zero Tolerance is about a space station getting attacked by alien forces wanting to take over the Earth. The Zero Tolerance squad is sent in for one objective: Kill them all. You get your choice of playable characters each with their own specialties, one gets more health from medkits, another makes their radar battery last longer, another is more accurate with firearms, etc. Totally an underrated game which deserves to be brought back and seen for it's glory.

There you have it: 5 games which I feel should be not just remade for new systems with HD graphics, but developers should step in and think of the games' great points and how they can add to it as they did with the Tomb Raider reboot. :)

StarCraft on Windows 7!!!

Posted by madwolf555 on November 21, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

StarCraft... The classic strategy game loved by many. Windows 7... The OS that fixes a lot of the incompatible crap from Windows Vista and really made the PC personal again. Unfortunately some classic Win95/98 games still won't work right on it and StarCraft is one that the developers say "Unsupported on newer Windows, it will NOT work right." The game itself works but the color scheme just looks like garbage... But I had discovered 2 ways to fix this issue and call Blizzard on their BS...

This method I discovered on and is a bit easier to do, but you have to remember to do this EVERYTIME you start the game which can get annoying just to bypass a mess up with the color scheme... But it does work and IS very simple...

1: Right-click on your desktop and open Screen Resolution. LEAVE THIS OPEN...

2: Run StarCraft...


This one is a little more complicated and is something I found out for Age of Empires II (As it has the SAME color  issue) at Don't worry, I will explain things STEP-BY STEP.

1: Patch Starcraft to version 1.16.1, you can find download links with Google :) (Not sure if this patch is NEEDED, but will allow you to play without the CD )...

2: Open Notepad (Can be found in START Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories) and type or copy and paste the following...

taskkill /F /IM Explorer.exe


Start explorer.exe

3: Save as SC.BAT in the folder/directory you installed StarCraft. (Default installation is something like C:\Program Files\StarCraft\ )...

4: Right-click on the .BAT file you had just created and Copy. Right-click on your desktop and Paste Shortcut...

5: Run the shortcut, StarCraft will start...

I have NOT tested this with multiple computers or on Windows 8 but this works perfectly on my systemand feel this game fix should at least be looked into a little more often...

Good ideas for Wolf3d mods...

Posted by madwolf555 on July 10, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everybody!!! :)

These are just some ideas I though would be cool for Wolf3d mods. Maybe you'll spot where most of my inspiration comes from. ;)

Ahh Aliens, video games based on this movie have often been made but rarely captures the intensity of the movie (Aliens Vs. Predator for the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 being one of the exceptions. With minor coding work and some artistic skill on the wall textures, the atmosphere of the movie could be captured well in Wolf3d's corridor/room based levels. Hell, you could even program in rescuable prisoners, some of which rigged to have their chests burst and spawn new enemies!

Eraser, an action film from the mid 90s about a woman working for a weapons company who discoverers a huge conspiracy of treason and arms trafficking. Schwarzenegger being the no-bullshit Witness Security agent he is, shoots up armies of bad guys, a plane, a crocodile, some more bad guys, to keep the girl safe. Okay... That's your typical classic action video game storyline... How the Hell is it NOBODY made this into a game?!?! Someone should... All I'm saying. :P

Splatterhouse, we barely know thee... No seriously, since the first game shown up in the late 80s for arcade, only 4 official games were really made. First being for TurboGrafx (Which I never heard of growing up in the 90s), the the 2 sequels for the Sega Genesis (Which I don't recall ever seeing in magazines, sure it was in some just not ones I read), and finally a reboot of the game in 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (Which pisses me off it's not for PC!!!) . After playing the first 3 games with emulators and roms, the gameplay is go here, kill this, save your girlfriend while looking like Jason in a true B movie-like storyline... The story may suck, but that's where mod developers come in!!! Really, make the story however you want but with Wolf3D's engine, some code features like blood splatters, weapon bobbing, fatalities, I KNOW there's modders out there that've done real good creepy Wolf3d mods (Majik Monkee, I'm talking about you), this would be a pretty kickass mod. :D

Die Hard!... Yeah, this is actually a game I wanted to do before and even announced... Then the hard drive with all my files died. Still a good idea: 40 floors of action, maybe could have levels where you outrun some explosives or something. Story could be search floor to floor looking for that funny douchebag from Robin Hood, Harry Potter, and Galaxy Quest that kidnapped your wife and holding her and her co-workers hostage in a building he rigged to blow up... Why? Because he really wants the money from the vault. :P

Anyways, those are the ideas on the top of my head. Really I could go off all night talking about "Oh! This would be good! And this! Oh Hell yeah, that'd also be good!" But then I wouldn't have any time to do anything else... So I'm heading out, until next time.

Wii would like to plaaaaaaaaay...

Posted by madwolf555 on March 25, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys... Not a whole lot new, got my Wii a little less than a month ago and I forgot how addictive that system is! Been playing it a lot, hacked it a few days ago, got some awesome games on there from classic times like GoldenEye 007 (Using a Nintendo 64 emulator) and awesome Dos classics like Return To Zork and The Secret Of Monkey Island (Using DosBox).Spent my last bit of extra cash for the Dos games though, got myself a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Overall... Yeah, I've been slacking playing video games a lot... Well, that and chores like stacking firewood. But I STILL am wanting to fix the Games section and add more tutorials here on this website, just please be patient and bear with me, I'll get it done.

On a side note, playing Wolfenstein 3D on the Wii (With those awesome 1992 pixelated graphics exploding on my big screen TV) has been making me think of maybe working on a NEW Wolf3D going back to the roots: Non-SDL engine, 64x64 resolution graphics, that kind of stuff. It's something to think about, at least.

So sick and tired...

Posted by madwolf555 on February 3, 2012 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

A while back, I had decided NOT to make anymore Wolfenstein 3D games. Mostly it was due to a lack of interest shown by in the games I work weeks if not months into making. I mean, here I am by myself designing games that take Wolfenstein 3D to a whole new level and away from the classic "We're in World War II killing nazis" feel and yet, the same thing that was in the original is what most people seem to be trying to remake and relive... C'mon guys!!! If you're modding a game, do something different than what I've seen already in the past 20 years!!! Otherwise, it's just another World War II shooter game that doesn't bring much creativity to the table.

So after getting hazed for my thoughts at the Die Hard Wolfers forums (where I was proven time after time by a single bitch who hasn't made shit for years), I have came to the conclusion my "entertainment" isn't entertaining the people there. In other words, all the hard work I did was completely pointless. I didn't even inspire people to TRY to make something new instead of the same old WWII theme. I still work on games occasionally but I don't have the dedication to just keep working until it's done. It's for this same reason I haven't been making RPGs or text-based games for a long time now. Currently, I'm working on Tara Carmichael, a New York gangster themed Wolfenstein mod but without that dedication or motivation, progress has been slow. After all, the game is just for me and maybe a few friends so no rush required.

No... I'm much more content writing my book, The Tale Of Wolff, playing PS3 games like Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third. I actually feel a lot more relieved and have less stress than when I was making games. Yeah, I feel more awesome now. :)